In Memoriam

Owners: Axel and Stefanie Bogdan, River Falls, WI
Years of Service: 11
Date of Birth: 6/30/98
Date of Death:12/26/12
Until the end he was an active Therapy Dog – and enjoyed also what would be his last visit just a few days prior to his death. We will all dearly miss Champ – and I am sure the facilities that he visited are going to miss him, too.

Owners: Beverley Pack,
White Lake, MI
Years of Service: 5½
Date of Birth: 04/25/01
Date of Death: 04/12
Hanse was a therapy dog for seven years, working in libraries and special homes for disturbed children as a reading dog as well as in the veteran's hospital.

Owner: Ken McCormack, Clarkston, MI
Years of Service: 1⅔
Date of Birth: 07/22/06
Date of Death: 08/25/12
Olaf was a gentle soul and loving companion to me and all who had the
opportunity to meet him. He was my first
Therapy Dog. He leaves a big hole in my
heart and I miss Olaf very much.

Owners: Lois & Sal Magnano
Years of Service: 9
Date of Birth: 05/08/02
Date of Death: 10/05/12
She was a sweet sociable girl who brought love and affection to
hundreds of people as a therapy dog.

Owner: Ellen Flesher, Las Cruces, NM
Years of Service: 3
Date of Birth: 01/01/06
Date of Death: 04/14/12
She was the sweetest Corgi and loved to do "roll overs" for treats. We visited
Memorial Medical Center, Hospice and several nursing homes in the Las Cruces area.

Owner: Owner: Judy Friederichs,
Scottsville, KY
Years of Service: 8
Date of Birth: 10/31/02
Date of Death: 04/27/12
Brought a smile to many faces and
will be greatly missed by everyone.

Owner: Charis Williams, Phoenix, AZ
Years of Service: 4
Date of Birth: 08/03/05
Date of Death: 02/16/12
Allie's gentle spirit and beauty brought joy to so many. She touched lives and
hearts everyday. I will miss you always.

Owner: Jodi Weisberg, Phoenix, AZ
Years of Service: 3
Date of Birth: 06/06/02
Date of Death: 02/25/12
Sadi was a natural healer who was eerily intuitive about people and places. My "perfect girl" will be forever missed!

Cocoa Puff "Cocoa"
Owner: Cheryl Kubista, Woodville, OH
Years of Service: 6
Date of Birth: 09/23/04
Date of Death: 09/15/12
Cocoa made over 200 visits to schools, nursing homes, adult daycares, and
hospitals. She loved it every time.

Owner: Sis Nunnally, Isle of Palms, SC
Years of Service: 12
Date of Birth: 07/28/98
Date of Death: 06/29/12
Karmi brought smiles and joy to all the lives she touched in her 12 years of service as a therapy dog especially the kids in the Woof To Read program at Pinckney Elementary School, Mt. Pleasant, SC.

Owners: Cheryl & Jeff Jacob, Elgin, IL
Years of service: 10
Date of Birth: Adopted 01/30/98
Date of Death: 02/12/11
Starr loved being a therapy dog and
visiting everyone. She is truly missed by
us and her best friend "Luna."

Owner: Lynn Ruth, Cape Coral, FL
Years of Service: 5½
Date of Birth: 05/12/01
Date of Death: 10/02/12
Molly enjoyed doing her volunteer work. She put in 5½ years of volunteering, we were a team. I will miss doing the therapy work as I miss Molly so much, we had fun.

Heron Acre's Sand Dune Hobo
Owner: Patrice Hoerster,
Simpsonville, SC
Years of Service: 11 mo.
Date of Birth: 11/29/02
Date of Death: 06/17/12
Hobo, a rescue dog, earned several AKC obedience titles,; but most best
known by his pet therapy friends for
his "Hobo Hugs."

Owners: Mr. Pat & Dr. Elaine Boone,
Limestone, TN
Years of Service: 9
Date of Birth: 10/05/01
Date of Death: 07/13/12
A retired CCI assistance dog who gave
comfort and joy to patients and elders,
and educated students. Her kind eyes
were the mirror to her soul.

Owner: Bruce A. Felton,
Morgantown, WV
Years of Service: 9
Date of Birth: 02/16/01
Date of Death: 09/25/12
She visited nursing homes and day cares and schools in Morgantown, WV. She has been a volunteer at the Monongalia
Hospital for two years.

Owner: Karen Baker, Boise, Idaho
Years of Service: 5
Date of Birth: 06/24/03
Date of Death: 07/28/12
Lucky was my first therapy dog, an accomplished obedience competitor, a practiced beggar for treats—and the world's best lap dog. We will miss him always, and cherish the memories.

Frankie the Walk 'N Roll Dog
Owner: Barbara Techel,
Elkhart Lake, WI
Years of Service: 4
Date of Birth: 08/20/99
Date of Death: 06/21/12
Frankie inspired thousands of children to always be positive, make a difference and keep on rolling. Until we meet again, little one, I'll carry you forever in my heart.

Owner: Janae Cunningham,
Pearland, TX
Years of Service: 8
Date of Birth: 04/01/00
Date of Death: 03/18/12
Annie loved her therapy work, she took it
seriously and enthusiastically. She was very wise with the elderly, the sick and children. She helped teach 10 children to read.

Mr. Shadow
Owner: Jan Schenck, Ralston, NE
Years of Service: 10½
Date of Birth: 01/26/00
Date of Death: 08/09/12
He was so precious, loving and gentle. He gave many wet kisses and was doing therapy work just days before he died. He was love by all who met him.

Denali "Jennie"
Owner: Mark & Julie Drochek,
Port Richey, FL
Years of Service: 1
Date of Birth: 1999
Date of Death: 2012
She was a dutiful therapy dog at Parkhouse
Long-term Care Facility (where the residents gleefully proclaimed "she's old, just like we are!!!") and the Norristown Library.

Lucky Elisabeth Sperling
Owners: Arthur & Patti Sperling,
Eagle Butte, SD
Years of Service: 6
Date of Birth: 03/97
Date of Death: 08/15/12
She became a Therapy dog in FL just before the 4 hurricanes hit and went to shelters to see the children and adults that were displaced by the storms.

Struffi Ling-Ling Mozart
Owners: Lisa Wilder-Cappoli, Lou
Cappoli & Kai Cappoli, Ling-Apex, NC
Years of Service: 8
Date of Birth: 01/26/98
Date of Death: 05/28/12
Struffi gave so much to so many. He loved
being a therapy dog. Struffi had a great life
and loved to travel. He lives on in our hearts
forever! We will always miss you Struffi!

Owner: Janice Mallett
Years of Service: 1
Date of Birth: 2004
Date of Death: 04/12
Sophie was a reading companion for
children at Chasco Elementary School. She volunteered at a senior rehab facility. She never met anyone that she didn't like and everyone that met her loved her.

Owner: Carolyn Rogers,
Phoenixville, PA
Years of Service: 5
Date of Birth: 08/10/02
Date of Death: 02/01/12
Zoe was born to be a Therapy Dog; her love of attention was tremendous and her persistence in getting said attention was adored by all who met her!

Owners: Kay & Larry Kane,
Chambersburg, PA
Years of Service: 1½
Date of Birth: 06/13/08
Date of Death: 07/11/12
Trevor was a wonderful happy-go-lucky companion who unconditionally gave of
himself and touched many hearts and
lives in his short life.

Owner: Debbie Husar, AZ DOB
Years of Service: 1
Date of Birth: 2008
Date of Death: 01/25/12
Buddy brought smiles to so many people; through Hospice patient visits as well as weekly visits to seniors at 2 of our local hospitals.

Owner: Patti Foss-Sutherland, Peoria, AZ
Years of Service: 6½
Date of Birth: 01/16/01
Date of Death: 07/05/12
After being rescued from euthanasia, being in a movie ("The Kingdom") and doing photo work for PetSmart, Dakota's finest "work" was just being a "good shepherd" to those we visited.

Owner: Karen Sanders, Tavares, FL
Years of Service: 8 mo.
Date of Birth: 04/01/01
Date of Death: 06/12
Shadow was a gentle soul with a happy snap of her jaws. She was loved by many, and she loved all. She was
just getting started.

Owner: Tony Weaver, Selinsgrove, PA
Years of Service: 12
Date of Birth: 1998
Date of Death: 03/23/12
Buddy was always a gentleman and loved getting to go visit as a therapy dog. He is dearly missed by the family
and will always be remembered.

Owners: Sarah & Bob Johnson,
Stuart, FL
Years of Service: 9
Date of Birth: 02/06/97
Date of Death: 05/03/12
Lori was an angel in a poodle suit, she created smiles wherever she went. She is missed dearly, but forever in our hearts.

Owner: Alice Hoffman, Prescott, AZ
Years of Service: 1
Date of Birth: 04/15/03
Date of Death: 02/06/12
I miss her very much.

Owner: Gloria Laube, LaMesa, CA
Years of Service: 5
Date of Birth: 05/09/00
Date of Death: 06/18/12
He retired in October 2011, after listening to nearly 400 children in schools and libraries read to him and sign his copy of I'll Teach My Dog 100 Words. He
touched the lives of countless others.

Owner: Nancy DaCosta,
Albuquerque, NM
Years of Service: 2
Date of Birth: 05/28/06
Date of Death: 02/23/12
Sprite, our Little One, was a happy girl who enthusiastically shared her gifts of gentleness and joy. It was an honor to
be her partner, she is dearly missed.

Owner: Osa Simone,
Virginia Beach, VA
Years of Service: 4
Date of Birth: 11/20/06
Date of Death: 2012
Daim worked with hospitals, retirement homes and let children read to her. She put a smile on 1000's of people. Amazing dog, her spirit will always be with us.

Owner: Sandi Costick, Santa Fe, NM
Years of Service: 1½
Year of Birth: 04/25/04
Date of Death: 04/20/12
Tiny was a great therapy dog.
He was a gentle giant loved by all and
dearly missed. His last therapy visit
was given to me, a glorious memory.
God bless you my angel.

Owner: Pat Paulding, Wildwood, FL
Years of Service: 10
Date of Birth: 04/01/01
Date of Death: 04/17/12
She was a wonderful therapy dog and will be missed by all those she visited.

Owners: Phil & Becky Gang
Years of Service: 5
Date of Birth: 06/12/00
Date of Death: 05/01/12
Loved life, tennis balls and everyone he met. Given his middle name"Jacob" by a hospice patient he
once visited. We love you Mikey.

Owner: Tony Curmi, Ypsilanti, MI
Years of Service: 3¼
Date of Birth: 01/21/03
Date of Death: 04/16/12
Layla was an exceptional puppy. She was very accepting of all dogs demonstrated by the numerous fosters she took into her life and cared for as if their mother. She will be missed by many.

Owner: John Benjamin, Blairsville, GA
Years of Service: 1
Date of Birth: 05/11/02
Date of Death: 05/21/12
Georgia became a Therapy Dog last fall and only had a few visitations.
During that short time it made Georgia
and myself very much aware of the
impact of this organization.

Owner: Thomas Geller, Scottsville, KY
Years of Service: 1
Date of Birth: 2005
Date of Death: 04/06/12
He had just joined TDInc. a year ago but in his short time, he brought much joy to all that he visited. He was one of the 10 dogs in the Planetree Pet Therapy Program at TJ Samson Hospital in Glasgow, KY.

Owner: Laura Duvall, Veneta, OR
Years of Service: 5
Date of Birth: 08/14/05
Date of Death: 05/18/12
He was a fabulous cheerful therapy dog and we liked to call him "Jaggy Waggy" because he wagged so much with his little boxer tail. He is very missed.

Owner: Sandra Miller, Albany, OR
Years of Service: 11
Date of Birth: 01/09/98
Date of Death: 03/21/12
She was such a blessing to us and all those she served. I miss her a thousand times a day.

Owner: Jay M. Daniel, Reno NV
Years of Service: 9¾
Date of Birth: 09/26/97
Date of Death: 04/05/12
I learned more from Nugget than I taught him. Your master will always love you.

Owner: Jane Tyson, Tulsa, OK
Years of Service: 8
Date of Birth: 04/15/98
Date of Death: 03/02/12
Cheri brought so much joy to everyone we visited. Cheri participated in nursing home visits, a reading program at a school, and a ministry that puts on programs
for Kids for Christ and in churches.

Owner: Tammy Ervin,
Sand Springs, OK
Years of Service: 6
Date of Birth: 01/01
Date of Death: 06/11/12
What an amazing dog he was!
He was the absolute apple of my eye
and brought so much joy and love to
me and everyone who knew him.

Owner: Ross Turner T/O, Pontiac, MI
Years of Service: 5
Date of Birth: 11/99
Date of Death: 02/29/12
A well loved friend and companion, awarded Detroit Kennel Club "Best in Service Merit Award" for years of service and dedication to the Community.

Owner: Debbie Heim,
Great Falls, MT and Surprise, AZ
Years of Service: 6¾
Date of Birth: 12/25/97
Date of Death: 02/24/12
Her registered name with AKC was "Precious Princess Suzy." It fit her well. Suzy left a happy memory with everyone she ever met

Floppy Freddie Van Shadow
Owner: Mary Van Camp, Harlan, IA
Years of Service: 11
Date of Birth: 08/07/97
Date of Death: 04/26/12
Shadow was the gentlest little man. He could get a smile out of everyone he met and an instant new friend. He is truly missed.

Owner :Barbara & Chuck Wheeler,
New Sharon, ME
Years of Service: 3
Date of Birth: 10/15/05
Date of Death:01/19/12
He left us too soon. An amazing, quiet and gentle soul who touched everyone, especially the cancer patients and the children with the reading program.

Owner: Charlotte Swindell, Webster, FL
Years of Service: 2
Date of Birth: 01/99
Date of Death: 04/18/12
Rescued to give love and joy to others. She was a great little therapy dog.

Owner: Nancy Nisivoccia, Longwood, FL
Years of Service: 4
Date of Birth: 01/30/99
Date of Death: 05/19/12
Mikey belonged to my son, Brian, and became my therapy dog and partner when Brian left for college. In his short years of service, Mikey brought smiles to both old and young alike right up until his death.

Owner: Henry & Adrienne Scarfo, Lake Mary, FL
Years of Service: 9
Date of Birth: 05/01/97
Date of Death: 09/14/11
Sugar was a "miracle girl and a wonder "Ambassador" for TDInc. These wonderful memories sustain us through our sadness.

Owner: Alyce Carter, Sawyer, MI
Years of Service: 3
Date of Birth: 01/01/04
Date of Death: 09/27/11
He was a wonderful therapy dog!

Owner: Jill Trainor, Cherry Hill, NJ
Years of Service: 8
Date of Birth: 01/14/00
Date of Death: 07/09/11
Tucker was truly an angel with fur. Going to school was one of his favorite things to do. We were truly blessed that he chose us to share his life with. You will always be, "the best boy in the world."

Owner: Deborah Bryant, Wabash, IN
Years of Service: 6
Date of Birth: 04/04/04
Date of Death: 08/11/11
I miss my sweet boy terribly! He touched many lives during his years doing
therapy work. He will be missed for
a long time. I love you, Tyson.

Owner: Donald Stuart
Grants Pass, OR
Years of Service: 6
Date of Birth: 7/16/96
Date of Death: 11/17/10
She had made over 200 visits to Rest, retirement, Alzheimer units and schools during her Therapy career. We miss her terribly.

Owner: Kristin Sween
Greybull, WY
Years of Service: 1
Date of Birth: 1997
Date of Death: 3/4/11
Great little therapy dog. Loved and missed by all those she made happy

Gail's Saving Grace "Gracey"
Owner: Gail Ingrish
Years of Service: 9
Date of Birth: 9/30/98
Date of Death: 4/8/11
The bestest dog in the world . . .she will be greatly missed.

Owners: Cindy & Bear McGregor
Albertville, AL
Years of Service: 4
Date of Birth: 2000
Date of Death: 1/19/11
I found him on the side of our rural road near Albertville, Ala. He visited nursing homes and let children read to him at the Guntersville Library

Owner: Trichia Sheekey
Palm City, FL
Years of Service: 6
Date of Birth: 11/9/03
Date of Death: 7/8/11
Heaven came way too soon. All our love always.You are so missed.

Shetland Sheepdog
Owner: Joy Belsley
Metamora, IL
Years of Service: 1
Date of Birth: 11/1/00
Date of Death: 3/9/11
To know Amos, was to love him. A blessing beyond measure, a once in a lifetime gift, my sunshine, my shadow.

Golden Retriever
Owners: Casady & Joel Heney
Meridian, ID
Years of Service: 6
Date of Birth: 2/14/00
Date of Death: 3/7/11
Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole. Burton touched so many lives and was the most amazing spirit.

Owners: Phil & Becky Gang
Las Vegas, NV
Years of Service: 6
Date Adopted: 11/01
Date of Death: 04/17/11
"Class Clown" of his obedience class. A sweet soul who will never be forgotten
by his family and friends.

Golden Retriever
Owners: Gene & Bill Wert
Waterloo, NE
Years of Service: 8½
Date of Birth: 5/8/98
Date of Death: 3/10/11
Boomer was my first therapy dog, and he was the best. His mission in life was to give love to everyone he met.

Owner: Zahra Anise, Reno, NV
Years of Service: 3½
Date of Birth: 1995
Date of Death: 3/28/11
My best friend, Buddy, brought joy to young and old alike. He was a mature dog who began his Therapy Dog service at an old age. He is missed by all who knew and loved him.

Courtnee Ann
Owners: Kim & Galen Flanagan
Great Falls, MT
Years of Service: 3
Date of Birth: 1/24/00
Date of Death: 5/25/11
Sweet, sweet girl. Loved and missed by all.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Owners: Janice McCaskey & RC Koch
Lancaster PA
Years of Service: 4
Date of Birth: 1/23/06
Date of Death: 4/30/11
She is missed by many, but mostly by the pack at home who has lost their alpha leader.

Doberman Pinscher
Owners: Taryn A. Harkin &
Shane Dennie
Laurens, SC
Years of Service: 3
Date of Birth: 1/1/03
Date of Death: 2/18/11
Dixie was pure, kind, and truly genuine. Forever loved and deeply missed.

Owner: Susanna Spencer
Madison, VA
Years of Service: 4½
Date of Birth: 2000
Date of Death: 8/2/11
He was a star, charming people everywhere he went with his great personality.

Labrador Retriever
Owner: Michelle Hudson
Cary, NC
Years of Service: 4½
Date of Birth: 6/24/1999
Date of Death: 12/9/10
Dakota will always be remembered for her gentle spirit, her beautiful brown eyes, her loyalty and compassion.

Border Collie Mix
Owner: Katy Ratliff, Sunbury, OH
Years of Service: 3
Date of Birth: 8/99
Date of Death: 6/8/11
We adopted Zip from the local dog pound, he had been found tied to a fence. He was a very calm, gentle dog, his speciality was working with children in reading programs.

M'Lady Grace
Owner: Dottie Smith
Monroe, NC and Frostproof, FL
Years of Service: 3
Date of Birth: 5/1/06
Date of Death: 2/28/11
She brought love to each of you and so many others. God sends us angels in canine form. We were blessed to be her guardians here on earth.

Jacob LeClair
Golden Retreiver
Owners: Janet & Daniel LeClair
Years of Service: 10
Date of Birth: 8/23/97
Date of Death: 10/5/10
Jake touched the lives of many and loved by all. Blessed to have him as part of our family with the love and companionship he gave for 13 wonderful years.

Owner: Kris Leaver
Beaver Dam, WI
Years of Service: 2
Date of Birth: 8/28/03
Date of Death: 3/24/11
Tyson offered his students the unconditional love and acceptance as they
read to him in the after school programs.

Owner: Susana Stoica
Farmington Hills, MI
Years of Service: 3
Date of Birth: 6/00
Date of Death: 8/15/11
Till the last few days of her life she still enjoyed being with people and especially with kids.

Owner: Sylvia Griggs
Years of Service: 12+
Date of Birth: 8/19/97
Date of Death: 2/14/11
He not only visited nursing homes, schools, and any other therapy dog event offered but was also a Reno County Hospice therapy dog. "Shadow, making smiles. We love you."

Owner: Stephanie Kaylan
Years of Service: 7
Date of Birth: 5/3/95
Date of Death: 1/28/10
In Lakota, Winyan means "Sacred Woman." She is and was and always will be a Sacred Being. She gave selflessly to all who needed her.

Owner: Judy Smith
Auburn, IN
Years of Service: 5½
Date of Birth: 8/13/00
Date of Death: 12/25/10
He believed everyone should be his friend and loved "Therapy Dog" outings

Owner: Tom McWalters
He would visit the schools that I work in and have hundreds of students pet and admire him. He is missed by all that loved him.

Owner: Gwendolyn Glaser
Orlando, FL
Years of Service: 3
Date of Birth: 6/14/04
Date of Death: 5/9/11
She taught me a lot through her therapy work and I thank you for the opportunity.

Golden Retriever
Owner, Lisa Wolfe
Allentown, PA
She touched the lives of so many people and brought much happiness and love.

Owner: Patricia Belt
Years of Service: 1
Date of Birth: 2009
Date of Death: 5/11
Three weeks prior to her death, Dora was visiting the deaf school.

Boston Terrier
Owner: Melanie Salome
Las Cruces, NM
Years of Service: 5 months
Date of Birth: March 8, 2008
Date of Death: July 27, 2011
Fenway was sweet, loving, and a gentlemen. His zest for life brought joy to everyone he met!

Rottie/Lab Mix/Heeler
Owners: Patti & Marc Stern, Mesa, AZ
Years of Service: 10
Date of Birth: 6/17/00
Date of Death: 5/18/11
"Payson came into our hearts as a tiny 4 lb. bundle of joy, and grew into 90 lbs. of gentleness, love, compassion, and hope

Makepeace Legend of Geert
Owners: Debbie & Jim Myers
Cochranton, PA
Date of Birth: 2/24/06
Date of Death: 4/8/11
". . . Beauty without Vanity, Strength without Insolence,Courage without Ferocity, and all the virtues of Man without his Vices." Lord Byron

Owner: Joni Smith
Stuart, FL
Years of Service: 4
Date of Birth: 12/6/96
Date of Death: 8/19/11
Katie was very loved by the many children in the "Paws to Read" program. Katie had a gentle soul.

Toy Poodle
Owners: Rita & Paul Heller
Mankato, MN
Years of Service: 11½
Date of Birth: 9/13/98
Date of Death: 5/06/11
Casey was a once in a lifetime companion whom we feel fortunate to have loved. At our visits, he was one of the favorites.

Owner: Janet Kelly
Years of Service: 3
Date of Birth: 2005
Date of Death: 2011
Reggie was a rescue and a wonderful therapy dog. He loved the snow!

Owner: Donna McCormick
Years of Service: 8
Date of Birth: 2/15/97
Date of Death: 2/20/11
After puppy raising for Guide Dogs for the Blind, Gilroy was career changed and I was allowed to keep him. My bond was extra close with this gentle giant. He was a special friend.

Miss Suzie
Owner: Patricia Tait
Lodi, CA
Years of Service: 3
Date of Birth: 2000
Date of Death: 2010
This small dog, with a big heart, brought much love and comfort to the residents.

Border collie/lab mix
Owners: Jill & Jason Lydic
Hendersonville, NC
Years of Service: 2
Date of Birth: 12/26/95
Date of Death: 8/21/11
Keena started her therapy career late in life but made up for it in the number of smiles she crammed into those two years.

Owner: Tenessa Karmozyn
Glendale, RI
Years of Service: 2
Date of Birth: 11/27/06
Date of Death: 4/11
She loved her nursing home visits. Her patients were her career and her life.

Sir Elmer of Sheboygan
Owner: Janice Hector
Wauwatosa, WI
Years of Service: 10
Date of Birth: 10/6/95
Date of Death: 01/10
Everyone loved him because he was so friendly and loving. He was an avid tail-wagger! He is sadly missed.

Golden Retriever
Owner: Judy Freeland
Fort Collins, CO
Years of Service: 8
Date of Birth: 3/1/02
Date of Death: 6/22/11
She let every one of the 200-plus fans she visited every month know that she loved them, and the loved her right back.

Owner: Judy Wrysinski
Cheyenne, WY
Years of Service: 5
Date of Birth: 8/4/99
Date of Death: 8/21/11
Such a little girl and she left such a big hole in our hearts. She will be missed by everyone!

Owners: Milt & Doe Shively
Erie, CO
Years of Service: 7
Date of Birth: 4/1/99
Date of Death: 6/6/11
You filled our lives with joy. The memory of you is everywhere.

Owner: Bruce Parthemore
Years of Service: 7
Date of Birth: 6/10/01
Date of Death: 9/05/09
Boomer touched literally hundreds of lives including children, adults and staff.

Cairn Terrier
Owner: Maureen Thomas
Greensburg, PA
Years of Service: 5
Date of Birth: 12/18/04
Date of Death: 6/1/11
Caitlin was such a dear sweet girl, loved people, and was a wonderful therapy dog. She was the love of my life.

Chocolate Lab
Owner: Nancy L. Chuss
Pen Argyl, PA
Years of Service: 6
Date of Birth: 4/13/00
Date of Death: 11/2/10
He worked with autistic and special education children in their classroom. He was the gentle giant.

Cairn Terrier
Owner: Maureen Thomas
Greensburg, PA
Years of Service: 6
Date of Birth: 10/2/02
Date of Death: 2/24/11
Nash was fun, excitable and was the greatest therapy dog. He was the love of my life and I will miss him forever.

Irish Setter
Owner: Marion Wardle
Danville, VA
Date of Birth: 2/7/97
Date of Death: 1/14/11
I am thankful of all the time we had together and proud of her accomplishments.

Owners: Cathy & Mike Guyer
Beaver Falls, PA
Years of Service: 6
Date of Birth: 12/17/01
Date of Death: 8/16/11
Teddy was a very gentle boy and loved his children at Paws for Reading. We are very saddened by the emptiness without him.

Border Collie/Australian Shepherd
Owners: Ray & Sue Lisiewski
Phoenixville, PA
Years of Service: 2
Date of Birth: 5/5/99
Date of Death: 5/31/11
We are thankful for the joy, laughter, smiles and comfort that Ashley gave. She left her paw prints on many hearts.

Miniature Schnauzer
Owners: Jim & Louella Stoever
Denver, CO
Years of Service: 10
Date of Birth: 2/2/99
Date of Death: 4/4/11
Liesl gave love to everyone she met and was the ultimate therapy dog. She will always have a special place in our hearts.

Bernese Mt. Dog
Owners: Robert E. & Helen A. Wright
Kiawah Island, SC
Years of Service: 3
Date of Birth: 3/28/04
Date of Death: 2/3/11
She particularly connected with high school aged special needs students and residents at the Charleston VA hospital.

Owner: Corinne Maher
Sleepy Hollow, IL
Years of Service: 2
Date of Birth: 6/9/00
Date of Death: 9/10
He had a way of knowing who needed
cheering up and went right to that person in the hospital. He also was a part of the R2R (Reading to Rover) program.

Toy Poodle
Owner: Ann Holder
Cocoa, FL
Years of service: 14
Date of Birth: 5/19/95
Date of Death: 3/14/11
Taffy was known and loved by so many people. She was my little, furry angel, always ready to kiss and cuddle.

Owners: Carol & Dale Honaberger
Years of Service: 10
Date of Birth: 8/18/99
Date of Death: 4/16/11
Brooke was a wonderful dog, a great
therapy dog and a terrific reading dog. The kids at the library miss her very much, as do we.

Australian Shepherd
Owner: Fr. Nick O'Brien
Lakeland, FL
Years of Service: 8
Date of Birth: 12/7/00
Date of Death: 2/14/11
Not only was Jericho a therapy dog and a canine good citizen, he was truly a blessing from God.

Huskey mix
Owner: Maureen Bird
Henderson, NV
Years of Service: 9
Date of Birth: 1999
Date of Death: 01/19/11
Kiley loved her job, loved people and loved life with amazing energy. She is missed beyond words.

Black Labrador
Owner: Meg Davidson
Years of Service: 4
Date of Birth: 4/1/02
Date of Death: 3/28/11
The sweetest and most affectionate Labrador ever. He brought comfort to so many with his unconditional love.

Standard Poodle
Owner: Stella Maunsell
Chapel Hill, NC
Years of Service: 13
Date of Birth: 5/19/96
Date of Death: 10/19/10
Always available for a hug or a pat, Marti brought joy to the lives of those she visited.

Owner: Debra Blomgren
Yorkville IL
Years of Service: 6
Date of Birth: Unknown
Date of Death: 5/20/11
Adopted Sam in 2000. He was an sweet and loving therapy dog.

Owner: Mary Deets
Monrovia, CA
Years of Service: 4
Date of Birth: 6/14/98
Date of Death: 8/21/11
After many years as a busy service boy he is sorely missed by his special needs children and hospital patients, young and elderly alike.

Owner: Jan Fincher
Australian Shepherd
Years of Service: 9
Date of Birth: 8/15/95
Date of Death: 1/25/11
Katie trained new therapy dogs for Boulder County, Colorado, hospitals for 9 years.

Golden Retriever
Owners: Pam & Brett Kindall
Reno, NV
Years of Service: 1+
Date of Birth: 7/1/00
Date of Death: 8/13/10
He brought smiles to everyone he visited at the hospital and libraries. We love you Weatherby.

Owner: June Ullman
Redford, MI
Years of Service: 2
Date of Birth: 2001
Date of Death: 7/2/11
A rescue dog, this little gentleman was loved everywhere he went, will be missed by his Mom and extended circle of friends.

Owner: Daryl Holle
They worked at all four Boulder County
hospitals. Daryl is also an awesome
Tester Observer.

Samson Perrett
Golden Retriever
Owners: George & Wendy Perrett
Charlevoix, MI
Years of Service: 11
Date of Birth: 8/97
Date of Death: 5/11
When I think of Samson I think of joy and love. Fun, laughter, happiness, gusto, enthusiasm, humor, teasing, friendly.


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