How to Become a Member

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Thank you for your interest in membership with ATD.

Qualifications for ATD begin with a friendly dog, any breed or mix, and an owner/handler who has a desire to share it with those who are no longer able to own a pet, or are in a health facility separated or away from their pets. Dogs must be at least one year of age to be tested and observed.

Our process begins with a test done by one of our Tester/Observers in your area. This test includes a handling portion which tests your dog's basic good manners and your handling skills. If you and your dog pass, you move to the next step of interacting with residents or strangers on three supervised visits.

The following items are things you will want to bring with you to your initial test that you have scheduled with the Tester/Observer: Upon successful completion, the following must be submitted for review and processing for membership:
  • Your original completed ATD Test
  • ATD Member Application
  • Release of Claims  Form
  • Correct membership fees
  • Copy of proof of rabies vaccination

All of these items must be completed and returned together to the corporate office in order to process your membership application in a timely manner.

Please review the following ATD documents so you understand what is required as a pet therapy team registered with ATD

ATD Mission Statement
ATD Member Guidelines
ATD Member Code of Ethics
ATD General Information and Hints & Tips
ATD Insurance Letter

ATD statement regarding Raw Food Diet

Due to the volume of questions concerning the feeding of a raw diet, the ATD Board of Directors has prepared the following statement: ATD does not restrict the choices that members make regarding what is fed to their canine team partners. ATD does require that participating dogs be clean and well groomed, have trimmed/filed nails, clean teeth, be free of internal and external parasites, have an annual veterinary health exam, including proof of a negative fecal exam and current rabies vaccination. Dogs must also be in compliance with state and local laws regarding, but not limited to, vaccinations and licensing. We also recommend that our handlers follow the advice of their veterinarians in regard to the general health of their companions.


The ATD Board is following the recommendation of the Companion Animal Parasite Council ( in requiring annual fecal exams for all registered dogs. Dogs that are on year-round heartworm prevention may still acquire several types of intestinal parasites, such as certain protozoans and hookworms, which are transmissible to humans, and therefore still require the annual fecal exam. 
For more information regarding this issue visit


ATD does not allow members to handle any two-dog team, including service dogs, unless approved by the Exceptions Committee and operating under the two-dog rules that are already in place due to concerns for the safety of handling therapy dogs around residents, patients, and medical equipment, as well as for the safety of handlers and their dogs. Please see the current member handbook for all member rules and regulations or contact the office with any questions.


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