Owners: Axel and Stefanie Bogdan, River Falls, WI
Years of Service: 11
Date of Birth: 6/30/98
Date of Death:12/26/12
Until the end he was an active Therapy Dog – and enjoyed also what would be his last visit just a few days prior to his death. We will all dearly miss Champ – and I am sure the facilities that he visited are going to miss him, too.


Owners: Beverley Pack,
White Lake, MI
Years of Service: 5½
Date of Birth: 04/25/01
Date of Death: 04/12
Hanse was a therapy dog for seven years,
working in libraries and special homes
for disturbed children as a reading dog
as well as in the veteran's hospital.


Owner: Ken McCormack, Clarkston, MI
Years of Service: 1⅔
Date of Birth: 07/22/06
Date of Death: 08/25/12
Olaf was a gentle soul and loving
companion to me and all who had the
opportunity to meet him. He was my first
Therapy Dog. He leaves a big hole in my
heart and I miss Olaf very much.


Owners: Lois & Sal Magnano
Years of Service: 9
Date of Birth: 05/08/02
Date of Death: 10/05/12
She was a sweet sociable girl
who brought love and affection to
hundreds of people as a therapy dog.


Owner: Ellen Flesher, Las Cruces, NM
Years of Service: 3
Date of Birth: 01/01/06
Date of Death: 04/14/12
She was the sweetest Corgi and loved
to do "roll overs" for treats. We visited
Memorial Medical Center, Hospice
and several nursing homes in the
Las Cruces area.


Owner: Owner: Judy Friederichs,
Scottsville, KY
Years of Service: 8
Date of Birth: 10/31/02
Date of Death: 04/27/12
Brought a smile to many faces and
will be greatly missed by everyone.


Owner: Charis Williams, Phoenix, AZ
Years of Service: 4
Date of Birth: 08/03/05
Date of Death: 02/16/12
Allie's gentle spirit and beauty brought joy to so many. She touched lives and
hearts everyday. I will miss you always.


Owner: Jodi Weisberg, Phoenix, AZ
Years of Service: 3
Date of Birth: 06/06/02
Date of Death: 02/25/12
Sadi was a natural healer who was
eerily intuitive about people and places.
My "perfect girl" will be forever missed!


Cocoa Puff "Cocoa"
Owner: Cheryl Kubista, Woodville, OH
Years of Service: 6
Date of Birth: 09/23/04
Date of Death: 09/15/12
Cocoa made over 200 visits to schools,
nursing homes, adult daycares, and
hospitals. She loved it every time.